I want to love you like I invented love  

Every time you kiss me, it fills my lungs with fresh air and at the same time it leaves me out of breath.  

Every time we meet you circle me like I am your Sun and I’d gladly make a world out of you 

Let me write poems on your neck with my lips , then I’d listen to the music your heart plays against your your ribs. 

My heart is like a clock beating for you.  

My brain is like a huge library and every book in it is about you. 

I never exactly knew what I should do with my lips until I found yours to kiss

The love I have for you is so different and unique, perhaps even too much, for we could even make love  without letting our bodies touch. 

I don’t only want to dream about you, for I want to spend waking all the moment of my life with you.  

You play my sleeping heart by pulling the right strings, oh gracious!!!, you make my heart rhyme and sing for you.  

There’s approximately 7.4 billion people on this earth today, but my heart beats only for you.  

If I Lived a million lives, I would have felt a million feelings and I still would’ve fallen a million times for you.  

 They say you’re a book riddled  with typos and missing pages but to me, you’re my perfect novel. 

You ain’t just human but a book in this world of fiction, and once anyone starts reading you they wouldn’t dare put you down. 

Of all the lyrics I have read, you’re my most beautiful love song. 

Now I could climb the highest mountains and shout at the top of my voice with the world as my witness that you’re the love of my life


In a forever kind of way.