She  wants you to read in between the lines:

When would this be over

Conversations with her would be one sided. She would say little while her facial expression does all the talking. And if she’s got a good heart, she would reply with monosyllabic words ”oh” “right” “wow” “yeah” just so you think she’s in on the convo.The only thing going through her mind would be “when would this be over”

No calls allowed

She may have given you her phone number but would hardly pick your call on the first or second dial. She may not return your calls and would not bother calling you. You might have a better chance of winning the lottery than she calling you. 

Not funny

She would not laugh at your jokes. A girl who is interested in you would always  laugh at your jokes, or at least try to, no matter how dry they are. She would find it amusing even when every other person thinks it is lame.

Tick tock- no time

There is always an excuse to give. She is always busy; It is either she is too tired or she has got a ton of assignments or a paper to turn in tomorrow. She would turn down dates from you.

Don’t you just get it!

She does not fancy you, and because you aren’t getting it, the slightest provocation would get her mad.  She would  be quick to pick quarrels over the most insignificant things. It’s just one of her ways of her ways of sending a subliminal message. 
You may have thought, ‘why wouldn’t she come up front and say she isn’t digging me. These signs are confusing’.  Well, unlike some of us who would look you straight in the face and say our mind (holla), there are some of us who wouldn’t want to come across as being mean, rude, harsh,  or wicked.  So, we prefer giving you hints or clues. You would have to read between the lines, and if you don’t, we might end up reading it out loud to you!