Earlier today, I had a conversation with a friend- a male friend and out of the blues he asked “What does love mean to a lady? “

The question got me thinking. To answer the question, I had to think of what love actually means to me.Before we get into the question, let me give a preamble.

Love is a four letter word that has been abused and misused. Just because you are attracted to a lady doesn’t mean you love her. Love and lust are two different things (that’s for another day).I don’t use the words “I love you” often. I only say it when I mean it. And if we have not gotten thereI simply say “I like you”. 

Back to the question, what does love mean to me?

Love to me, is a commitment to be there for me.
It means you will give me your attention, I would not have to beg or compete for it. 
  It means you would care for me, such that the things that bother me would also bother you. It means you would always want to talk to me.You would cherish my presence and always look forward to the next time we see.
  Love to me, also means a commitment to stay faithful. Once a guy tells me that he loves me, the message it sends is that he is willing to be loyal to me and only me.
    Love means accepting me the way I am. I would get cranky a times for no clear reason, I would have times when I would just want to be hugged. So when you say you love me, it means you are willing to accept the full package.
  Love means you would give (ahaYou thought I wouldn’t mention this). Give your time, attention and yes, money! Who says money isn’t important?
    When you say you love me, it means you will be there for me financially. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for women empowerment and the independent lady ishh. But a man’s gotta be a man.
Besides, you can give without loving but you can not genuinely love without giving.

Believe me, I could go on and on but I would stop here.
This is a simple summary of what love means to me.

Before telling a girl that you love her, make sure you know what you’re getting into.

But this wasn’t the reply I gave his question. This is what I said to him:
Love to a girl means Attention, Care and Money !!!
Hahahaa, don’t judge